Compulsory Vault with Troy Wright

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So yesterday I mentioned the fantastic JAOVideos camp and how amazing it was. The coaches at the camp were wonderful, insightful, and wanted to share their knowledge of the sport. Today I wanted to share a couple of the awesome drills that Troy Wright (from GymQuest) was doing over on vault.

Compulsory vault with Troy Wright

This first one is one that I would just never have thought of (but it’s kind of genius). This may be my new go to drill for level 3s. It’s great for all compulsory gymnasts but I have a feeling that’s where I will be using it the most. Have kids who can’t maintain tension in post flight, or falling from handstand? This is the drill for them.

This second one is a great body shaping/alignment and shoulder flexibility drill that was going on at camp. Making sure that gymnasts keep their ribs in and their lower backs firmly pressed into the ground. This will also surely be added to either my vault staples or my warm-ups.

In this one you can see the difference in body positions:

Train hard!

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  1. Thanks for sharing that first drill. It reminds me a little of something I tried. I no longer have video footage (external hard drive got wiped) and the gym I am now at does not have the rainbow mats (half doughnut), but I’ll describe it:

    Stand the rainbow mat up so that it looks like a “C”. Gymnast kicks up to handstand facing the doughnut hole side of the “C”. The rainbow mat tips over to become a backward C, which puts the gymnast from upside down to rightside up. Like Troy’s drill in the first video, the gymnast must maintain body tension, or else she will sag into the well of the “C”.

    Hope that makes sense. I really wish I had access to a rainbow mat (or my old footage) to share the drill.

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