Compulsory Leaps & Jumps Series – Switch Leaps

This is the sixth and final post in the Compulsory Leaps & Jumps Series. Click here to view the first post about developing leg strength for leaps and jumps. Click here to view the second post on Split Jumps. Click here to view the third post on Straddle Jumps. Click here to view the fourth post on Split Leaps. And click here to view the fifth post on Sissones.

Switch leaps are a gymnastics staple. We’ve compliled a list of awesome drills and tips for heloping your gymnasts develop explosive and beautiful switch leaps!

split jump .jpg

This first video works great for learning how to open your hips. You want that step before the switch leap to be long, but not slow. If your gymnast is moving slowly through that portion, it may be because she is closing her hips and has a large plie. Trying this drill will help fix that.

This is one of my go-to switch leap drills.

Here are three great switch leap circuits to add to your workout. Working circuits is great, but be sure to change up your drills every few months so your gymnasts get that all around training they need.

This third switch leap circuit is a good for gymnasts beginning to learn switch leaps.

If you gymnast has beautiful lines but can’t seem to get high enough off the ground, it’s time for some leg strengthening. Below are a few videos I’ve included that will do just that.

This next video has three quad and hamstring drills that really help develop that explosive power needed in a switch leap.

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Video Credits:
Videos 1 & 4 & 7: Mary Lee Tracy
Video 2 & 6: Tammy Biggs

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  1. Brian Blewitt says:

    This series has been great would you consider continuing the series and move into advance leaps; switch side, tour jete’, split ring, and the like.


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