Compulsory Beam Drills

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Today I wanted to share some awesome drills for compulsory beam. It’s really, really, important to build a solid foundation on beam, but it’s easy to get stuck on complex and your staple drills and to get bored, or worse, burnt out doing the same things over and over. So today I thought I would share some some things you might think to add to your compulsory beam rotations.

Compulsory Beam Drills

This first drill is one I can’t believe I hadn’t seen before. It seems SO SIMPLE. We spend so much time trying to teach gymnasts to push through their toes, and this is such a genius way of doing it! I need to start a list of all of the uses for sliders.

This second one is a really nice handstand circuit. I know, I know, I’ve talked about pike handstands SOO much, but it’s always good to reiterate, because they can do SO MUCH good. But the other thing I love in this video are the handstand flat falls. You can also turn them into handstand forward rolls, and move them onto the beam. These do a huge amount for building confidence, and also building good muscle memory for kicking up ALL THE WAY to handstand.

Train hard!

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