Compulsory Bars Shaping Drills

Today I wanted to share some of the shaping drills you can do with your compulsories. I know a lot of us get bored with doing the shaping work but it’s SO necessary. So today I thought I might share just a few more drills that you may or may not be doing to reduce the boredom.


I really like the first drill in this video. It’s simple – it gets kids pushing down on the bar and rounding through their backs and it gets them used to moving through those two shapes which we want.

This next drill I’ve seen used for kips/glides a lot but I think it’s great for general awareness too. The awareness of being able to tuck their hips under is going to translate into layout and many other skills.

This last one is one that gets used a lot (especially by me). But I like this variation – the gymnast actually has her hands on a stability board – so not only are her feet unstable – so are her hands. If you don’t have a strongboard or something like it you can use a bosu ball. Or you can flip the whole drill around so her feet are on something stable (like a block or the tumbl trak) and her hands are on the physio ball.

Train hard!

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