Complexities in Complexes

Hi All,

So today I’m going to talk a little bit about complexes. I’m one of those people that uses complexes on pretty much every event most days. Beyond that, I usually have a short version and a long version of the complex depending on what I want the assignment to be and what I think needs to get done that day. Alright, so with that lets get to some videos.

This first video is part of a beam complex by Mary Lee Tracy. I always like to know what other coaches are doing, and I’m pretty constantly adding and removing this from a complex depending on whether I like them/feel they are effective or not.

// Therabands //

This second video is of a stalder/toe shoot pirouetting complex on bars. Great for endurance, and not finishing pirouettes late. You can make complexes out of literally anything.

What do you put in your everyday complexes?

These bands can be found HERE

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