Coming Up With Alternate Equipment Uses

Hi All,

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about using what you’ve got. I get a lot of emails from coaches at small gyms wanting to know what they can do with limited space and equipment. I post a lot of drills on Swing Big! but sometimes it isn’t obvious how to make them work for your space. So today I wanted to post a couple of videos of equipment people have used that may have been…re-purposed shall we say.

This first video is a great version of a drill a lot of us use from Al Fong, and I personally never, ever would have thought of thought of using P-bars for it. Lots of gyms have p-bars that they don’t use, either because they don’t have a boys program, or because they flat out don’t know what to do with them. This is a great idea.

This second video is from a contest Mancino Mats ran wanting to know how you could use their donut halves. And here are some of these uses that they came up with.

Train hard!

doing what you can with your equipment

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