Changing the height on round offs

Hi All,

Today I’m going to share a couple round off drills that have to do with changing the surface heights gymnasts perform them on. Changing the surface either raising or lowering can have a dramatic effect on the difficult of the skills and also the gymnasts technical ability to perform it.

This first video is a drill for round off back handsprings (but you can start out with just round offs. It’s a good way to get gymnasts focusing on the shapes in the round off because they don’t lose focus during the run, and also to start connecting the skill.

This second video is actually a pretty common yurchenko (and tumbling) drill. But that’s not what I’m focusing on here. Look at the panel mats. Because the panel mats go all the way to the board it means the gymnasts isn’t actually round offing UP onto a springboard, it’s totally level which for gymnasts who aren’t able to maintain their shapes or technique while round offing up yet, is a good intermediate step.

Train hard!

round off drills.jpg

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