Casting drills for fear and conditioning

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Today I’m giving you a few more cast handstand drills. One of the things I always try to emphasize especially when I do clinics is that no drill is perfect. Our goal as coaches should really be to find the set of drills that does the most good with the least amount of “bad.” It’s also really important to find the set of drills that works for you, your gym and your equipment.

Drills for fear and conditioning in cast handstands

This first drill I like just for it’s value of eliminating fear of the handstand early. With the double bar set-up it’s easy to spot. You can also set this up with two p-bars and a resi mat. A lot of the lack of lean in cast handstands comes from fear and this is a great way to get kids over that early.

This second one is a go-to drill of mine for shoulder development. You can do it on a bar where they can fall forward, on a block like this, or even on a pommel horse (that’s a great use for them). It’s also great for shoot-throughs if you’re having trouble with those.

Train hard!

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