Cartwheel drills from Gymneo TV

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Just one video today. But it’s a great one from Gymneo TV. You may remember some of the stuff they’ve put out in French, but they’re now also putting out stuff in English. This is a really nice video of lots of cartwheel drills you can do – obviously a lot of us don’t have all of the same equipment shown in these videos but a lot of the drills are easily modified using equipment we may already have. There are lots of drills for the beginning kick, but if you want to skip to the meat of the cartwheel start the video around 5:55.

Cartwheel drills from Gymneo TV

There are lots of good drills in this video but I have a few favorites. Bent leg lever holds on stall bars (shown at 6:00), straddle flat body holds between objects – forward and backward (shown at 11:40) and levers on both sides (shown at 14:01). I find that a lot of issues at the end of the cartwheel actually come from gymnasts never having been taught to lever on their “bad” side.


If you’d like even more basic tumbling drills – you should check out “Beginning Tumbling – Where to start with preschool and rec (from handstands to back tucks)” it’s 94 minutes of easily taught drills and progressions that will lead to bigger and better tumbling.

Beginning Back Tumbling - Where to start with pre-school and rec - ipad


Train hard!

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