Bringing back the fun

Hi All,

Today I’m going to talk a little about front handspring vaults. I have to admit, they can be ever so tedious to teach, and coaching vault…not my favorite. That being said, if you mix things up enough I think compulsory vault CAN be fun.

This first video is actually a way of spotting front layouts that I had never seen before. I REALLY like it. I love having compulsories front layout because it helps with heal drive A LOT. But that being said if you don’t use the proper progressions and take a lot of time with them they can end up really bad/ugly. With this I actually think you can start having kids flip them earlier because the coaches are spotting in a way that helps the shapes.

This second video is of a bounder onto a resi mat. It’s another one of my favorite drills. One of the reasons I love it that I think some people overlook is actually confidence. When kids can do a really nice bounder up to a resi usually that “I can’t get over the vault” mentality is gone.

Train hard!

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