Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale!

Happy Black Friday!

I hope you’ve enjoyed your Thanksgiving, and are ready to get back in the gym and do great work heading into the new year!

I’ve been so incredibly lucky to work with dozens of coaches over the last few months creating their dream teams, and I want you to have that same amazing opportunity.

So for today through Monday night at 11:59pm CST – I am offering $49 off my popular Build Your Dream Team Program. If you’ve thought about it in the past, and been just a little hesitant, there is no better time than now.

Just a few outcomes of Build Your Dream Team:
– Gymnasts being prepared for the level they are competing (no more wondering if your gymnasts will get their skills in time for the first meet)
– Both you and your gymnasts are more confident in their skills
– Gymnasts taking more turns (more willingly) in the gym – EVERY DAY
– More supportive team atmosphere


For the next 4 days, I am also offering $150 off Swing Big! clinics for 2015.*
* The offer is valid if you respond to this by email by Monday night at 11:59 CST  and if the deposit is paid within one week of contacting me.

[email me at]

It’s an exciting time of year, and I know a lot of us are heading into competition season.

Enjoy it. Be thankful you get to do what you love. And never stop working hard!

Train hard!


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