Biding My Time

Hi All,

So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it on this blog before, but I’m out of the gym for the summer. As in NO COACHING, mostly because of travel engagements, work etc. I have to say it’s DRIVING ME NUTS. Literally nuts. I didn’t set foot in a gym for three weeks (until last Friday), and I actually thought I was going to crawl out of my own skin. Alright, so let me comment on the title. Another thing that’s driving me nuts. I haven’t seen anything from the new compulsory routines yet (besides the workshop vids USAG put up). So I am literally biding my time. Sitting here writing blog posts just waiting to 1) see the routines! (gahh) and 2) be back in the gym! So I surf YouTube much of the time. Here are some things I end up watching.

Group Mobility

This first video is of a national team warm-up (not sure which team). Okay, I admit it, even when I’m not coaching I do things like mix up my warm-ups, watch other peoples conditioning etc. I’m constantly editing my lists, writing down thoughts to implement when I get back. But warm-up videos are some of my favorites.

This second video is a really interesting video of stabilization exercises. I’m having interesting thoughts of adding them to warm-ups and/or conditioning circuits.

Train hard!

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