Before the Big Swingers

Hi All,

Son one of my first posts on this blog was Big Swingers and it was not surprisingly about little munchkins who can really swing bars. So today I thought I’d share a couple videos about that little thing that is one of the fundamentals of bars….tap swings. There are a million different thoughts on this skill. When kids should start learning, where the coach should stand, how big hands need to be, timing of tap, amount of body shape change etc. I’m not going to tackle MUCH of that. Mostly just give you some ideas that might help you with day to day drill ideas.

This first video is one of Al Fong’s. It’s actually one of my favorite set-ups for tap swings. When kids are little and learning I love this set up, and only have them do one tap swing at a time, and come back into a hollow shape on the mats in the back.

This second video is of a drill (the first one) that I really like a lot (if I’ve gotten kids to understand it). Ie. I want their whole shape to change at the same time. Shoulders, hips etc. The second one I love, love, love. I really like the timing of it, and how the shape is emphasized.

What are your favorite tap swing drills?

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