Beautiful Blinds

Hi All,

Today’s post is going to be about blind changes. I didn’t add this as an extension of Twisty Turny — It’s a progression because I felt like this could be a category in and of itself. Though I am going to say, just as I did in that post that it’s better to start young and start them with correct shapes and technique. Here are a couple videos you might like.

This first one is a drill you can do with really little ones. Especially if they are strong. It builds great muscle memory.

This second video was posted by Al Fong and is a great lead up/shaping drill. I would advise though, as I often do that you spot the one armed back extension rolls for a bit before letting kids go at them. They can be…a little scary looking at first.

What are your favorite drills for blind changes?

Photo Credit: Melissa Peronson

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