Specific conditioning for gymnasts

Hi All,

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about specific conditioning. That is, conditioning for certain skills or certain types of skills. My feeling is that specific conditioning in a necessity. Being strong in general is nice and all, but knowing what muscles exactly you are conditioning and WHY, ie. what skills those are used for is important. If, for nothing else, it helps you identify skills you may be struggling on that you AREN’T doing conditioning for. I like building specific parts of conditioning around certain skills ie these 3 exercises are specifically for cast handstands or clear-hips etc.


This first video is of a TON of specific conditioning for bars. Granted it helps with other things too, but I primarily see this as a bars specific conditioning circuit.

This next one could be considered both conditioning and flex. But like I said, specific. It’s the muscle conditioning, flexibility, and muscle memory of driving that back leg that some gymnasts just don’t do. Figure out where your gymnasts are weak (especially skill specifically) and use that to help determine your conditioning.

Train hard!


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