Bars Side Stations for Shaping

Hi All,

Today I wanted to share a few more bars side station drills. The more you have in your arsenal – the better. That being said, when setting up drills I would pick a few (maybe up to 5) to REALLY focus on for a few months – that doesn’t mean that you can’t throw others in there – but make sure those five are your focus. That way in 2-3 months you can tell if those five drills are really impacting your gymnasts. If you do a different thing every day, you never really know what’s making the difference.

bars stations for shaping

This first one is one of my favorite drills – ever. And super, super easy to set-up if you’ve got a couple spare and/or old springboards. Getting gymnasts to be able to hold their chest in – while at the same time flattening their hips and fighting gravity is incredibly difficult, but you’ll see big results.

This second one is a variation of a drill I use quite often – but I like this version even more. What I like is that the stability ball requires an added dimension of side-to-side core stabilization.

Train hard!

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