Bars side stations – because you never have enough sets

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So today I’m going to talk a little about side stations that can really improve your bars. I know I do a decent amount of these kinds of posts, but it’s because I know this is a problem many gyms run into. Sometimes it just feels like there are never enough sets of bars, and your gymnasts can never get enough turns. If you are utilizing your side stations correctly (and these can even be thrown into conditioning circuits, other events etc.) it will dramatically help your bars even if your gymnasts are getting the same amount of turns.

This first one is a kip drill I really like, and doing it only requires two small panel mats. That being said, I really want kids to keep their heels on the ground at the end (not in that pike hold), because what I want to see is their shoulders in front of their hands getting into that compressed shape that I want at the end of a kip.

This second drill is a great one for giants, and can help dramatically with shaping. I have to say it helps doing it with a set-up like this where the bar literally can’t move. Because sometimes when you try this with a normal floor bar that isn’t grippy it will slide. It’s nothing that can’t be fixed but it’s something to be aware of. Again, if you’re utilizing these side stations as much as possible, not having your kids on the bar as much as you want won’t be AS BIG of a deal.

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Brian Jones

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