Bars Fundamentals Circuit

I wanted to share a great a really nice video that Tony Retrosi put together that he did with his level 4s and 5s. This video contains a lot of the fundamental things that we need to be working on bars ALL THE TIME, and I think a good deal of it is applicable at both higher and lower levels.



I think it’s entirely worth adding a 5-10 minute circuit at the beginning of each and every bar rotation to work strength and shaping. There are several things I especially like in this video:

1. The use of lots of grips – introducing different grips early is super important and helps gymnasts be significantly more comfortable when it comes time to front giant etc.

2. Starting pirouetting early – there are lots of pirouetting drills that young gymnasts can do BEFORE they actually pirouette on the bar.

3. Shaping – I know I say this a lot. But the time you spend on shaping can make or break your bars. Make sure that it isn’t a “once in a while thing” it’s a “this is what we do every day” thing.

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