Bars Circuits for Rec / Pre-team / Levels 1 and 2

Today I thought I would post what a few other people are doing for bars circuits and drills – especially at lower levels. When coming up with circuits for a day (or week) – try to stick to a few main skills and by skill I don’t necessarily mean front hip circles. Pushing down on the bar is a skill in and of itself – you can make a whole circuit around that and it will help your gymnasts in many of their skills. Above all – make sure gymnasts know what the expectations are for each station – not just what they are performing but HOW. How far their leg should be away from the bar, where their heads should be etc.


These two videos show lots and lots of examples of drills you can use. But my preference is to stick to one set of drills (8-10) for a while. Pick out 2 or 3 each day to switch – but make sure the majority stay the same. You don’t know if what you are doing is working if their isn’t some consistency in your program.

Train hard!

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