Avoiding standing in line on vault

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Today I’m going to talk a little about making your time on vault more efficient. Often vault can be hard if you’ve got a large rotation of girls and not very much space. I’ve coached vault rotations where there are fifteen or so gymnasts and two vaults. This becomes inefficient because girls are often spending most of their time standing in line. If at all possible I think a great way to avoid this is to set up stations on the way back. Whether it be vault drills, shaping or the prehab you need to get done that day, don’t let them just stand in line.

This first video is a set up of stations Tony Retrosi has set up along his vault runway. Keep in mind there are no rules for what you have to put there. Figure out what drills work in your space and what you would like your gymnasts to spend the most time on.


This second video is of swiss ball hamstring curls (that can also be done on one leg). Like I said, there are no rules here. If you want to have them do leg conditioning on the way back, THATS FINE. But maximize your time, if your gymnasts already have phenomenal shapes, but lack power focus on that. If you’ve got powerful girls that lack some shapes, do more shaping drills. It’s whatever you need to do, to make your gymnasts as successful as possible.


Train hard!

Photo Credit: Feriagrafix

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