Tips for aerials on beam

Hi All,

Today I’m going to talk a little about aerials, specifically on beam. This is one of those skills where I actually think earlier is better. Both with front aerials and side. As long as your kids are flexible (read: have a good needle) and have a decent strength level I think these are things you can honestly start in level 3. There are a couple reasons I like starting these early and the biggest one is confidence. This gives kids 6 levels to get comfortable with them on beam. It won’t take them that long, and hopefully the longer they have had a skill the more consistent it will be.

This first video is a quick note about cartwheels. 1) your kids should be able to do this 2) wall space in your gym is SO important.

This second video is of a nice front aerial drill. The hips staying is open is so, so, so important. This helps kids maintain that correct position through the very end of the skill. When teaching front aerials you can throw an 8″ in the pit and start with something like this (spotted).

Train hard!

Photo Credit: Nica Hults’ Website

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