Arm and ab conditioning to add to bars

Today I wanted to share some arm and ab conditioning stations for bars. I’ve been building in A LOT of conditioning at the beginning of bars and there are couple main things to think about when doing that. 1) Where are our deficiencies and will these exercises help? and 2) Are these appropriate for the group I have? Ie. are they getting good conditioning while still being able to maintain form and shapes?

Arm and ab conditioning stations for bars

So I decided to put a lot of different exercises in here for varying strength levels because what works for one group will need to be modified for another.

This first one is a nice variation on leg lifts. Because they are coming from the floor and not a hang they can’t swing or arch. It’s a good side station if you’re working up to L-to-L leg lifts.

This second one is just a really important position for gymnasts to be able to hold on bars. In addition to this I would also have them do holds with just their toes on the bar.

I like that this third one mixes arm and ab conditioning. The more you can do things like that the less time you actually have to spend conditioning.

This is one I posted a long time ago but I still use a lot of stuff from it. The shaping stuff is GREAT and even if you feel like it takes up a lot of time it’s totally worth it.

Hanging sit-ups for abs are just something I really like. Don’t use a weight at first make sure your gymnasts can do a few sets and then stay up and hold before adding weight.

Lastly this is probably not something that A LOT of groups can do but it can be a goal. Doing something this difficult twice in a row definitely means your conditioning is working.

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