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Hi All,

Alright, I’ll admit it, I take almost any excuse to go to tramp (cough, often over vault, cough). But really truly I think think tramp can be SO useful. Not only do I like the low impact of it, but you can teach kids some really, really important body awareness stuff on it. Here are a couple videos you may like.

This first video is one of my favorite drills for tsuks. Barani in back outs on tramp. SUPER FUN, kids love them. Gets them the air awareness they need, helps them feel comfortable, develops heel drive etc.

Second video is another GREAT drill for forward rotation. I usually start teaching kids how to flip forward just by having them bounce to their backs on the tramp and then up to their feet. After that you can have them miss their feet and go to their stomachs. And after they can do that you can progress to this drill.

Train hard!

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