Ah, end of the season

Hi All,

So I know a lot of you have ended/are ending your seasons soon. With that in mind, I know a lot of up-training is probably going on in your gyms. The end of the season is an exciting time. The pressure of doing routine after routine is off and it’s time to roll out the new plan for next season. Here are a couple videos to think about.

The first is something I try to do frequently, which is tumbling UP. I really want athletes to be proficient with all of their tumbling skills, probably 18’’ to 2’ above a flat surface. The video below is an exaggeration of this principal. But I think it builds athletes confidences, as well as solves some technical problems on its own.

This second video is of a front tuck setup I really like. I think the barrels help kids get into the right shape better as they punch the board. And I know a lot of us are always looking for ways to mix up the “same old skills” that we need to teach year in and year out.

Panel Mats // Spring Board // Octagons

What are you looking forward to this off season?

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