Add it to your beam warm-up

Hi All,

Today I wanted to share one quick thing I’ve been doing in beam warm-ups a lot lately. I believe the first time I saw this exercise was in a Tammy Biggs lecture a long time ago, but I’ve only recently started having gymnasts do it a lot, and I have to say I really like it.

Add this to your beam warm-up - three second walks

This exercise requires a good deal of concentration for the kids to keep their upper body still, isolate the bottom leg moving and keep their high releve. Ideally kids hold each part (back, together, front) for about a second. It won’t look pretty at first (especially if you do it with little ones), but I’ve found that they get better at this really fast. This is a great little exercise for developing stability and control. I know it may seem tedious (three seconds per step is a lot), but it’s worth it to have gymnasts who are truly in control on beam.

Train hard!

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