A Mixed Bag

Hi All,

So I was thinking about it last night, and trying to come up with a skill for today’s post and really I just wasn’t feeling inspired. So I decided I would just post a couple bars videos that I like. Ones a drill, ones a routine. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this post as much as the ones I do that have a specific skill in mind.

This first video is of Tom Forster doing a drill that I REALLY like. There are a whole bunch of ways that it can be set-up including those that don’t need to be spotted. But my recommendation is spot at first, and correct shapes as much as you can. You can hear/see him correcting her head position on the video (which effects a whole bunch of different things), so it’s a really good idea to start these progressions being really conscious of shapes.

This second is a level 4 bar routine (old). It’s pretty awesome. If you’ve read this blog much you’ll know I LOVE good compulsory gymnastics. And this routine is just splendid to watch.

Have you found any fun videos this week?

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