A little of everything

There were a bunch of things sitting in my Youtube account that I wanted to share but none of them seemed to fit a good “theme” or skill so I thought I put a mix of stuff together today just to get them all out there.

split leaps for compulsory

A couple times a year a share new warm-ups that other people are doing just to give you some ideas. Different gyms emphasize different things in their warm-ups and it’s always a good idea to look around and see who is doing something you might want to incorporate. This is a nice meet warm-up, I like how much conditioning it incorporates, and how quick it is.

A lot of you have already seen uptown abs. But if you haven’t…IT’S FANTASTIC. No more words necessary.

Last, but not least, I haven’t done a Fun Friday in a while but this little level 8 is worth watching.

Train hard!

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