A few quick shaping ideas

Hi All,

Sorry I’ve been away for a minute, it’s been a bit of a crazy week. Today I wanted to share a couple quick shaping drills that are incredibly easy to work into your workouts. I know they seem mundane, but really the more you do this work, the easier everything else is.

A few shaping ideas

This first exercise is one that I’ve been using a lot lately. I like that it isn’t just static. It’s SUPER easy to add into your warm-ups. Having your gymnasts do 5-10 a day in their warm-up is a great way to start seeing results fast.

This second one is a variation of other tuck handstand drills I’ve seen. The Tumbl Trak looks like it’s the perfect height for this one. This is even one that you could start with your rec kids after talking about what a round back is and what it should feel like etc.

Train hard!

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