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Today’s videos are a bit of a random mash-up. I couldn’t really come up with a theme to connect them but they are both very much worth watching. Take a peak!

I often feel that what I see in gymnasts choreography on beam and floor leaves a lot to be desired. There is often a lack of expression, and an overall lack of consideration for the gymnasts presentation while dancing. It’s incredibly nice to see a little one with both. I’m always super impressed with coaches who place a premium on it. Check it out!

I’m always looking for new bars drills. Teaching correct shapes on bars is difficult and side stations like this one can be incredibly helpful. It will probably take some shape correction and hands on fixing at first, it’s great for fixing gymnastics. I have to say though floor bar drills are some of the best drills for fixing gymnasts shapes on bars.

// Floor Bars //

Train hard!


Photo Credit: Erin Costa


  1. casie says:

    I use a drill similar to this for shaping on bars & the straddle cast HS just about every day. However, my gymnasts are on the wall and not a block. I like this one, seems to help get their shoulders into a desired locked out position which is missing from what I’m currently doing. I’ll give it a go

  2. Zari Goldmann says:

    Yeah, I see a lot of archy, head stuck out straddle cast handstands and this is kind of my go to drill. I start it with the itty bitties, but without the going up and down. Just trying to get them in that nice straddle shape without their feet on the ground and hold.

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