One of my favorites

Hi All,

Alright so I’m going to share something a little different today. Today I’m going to share some pictures of one of my favorite staple drills. There are some big things coming for Swing Big! but here is a sneak preview.

This is actually a drill I use almost everywhere and every day. It’s great for core strengthening, fixing shapes, clearhips, backhip cirlces etc.

I normally start kids with their legs a little higher on the ball (ps. GREAT investment, you can pick them up here). But this little girl is strong and had no problem holding the position with the ball this close to her feet (you can eventually get so it’s just on their heels).

Arms down

Once they have mastered this I have them move to this position with their arms above their heads. And finally when both positions are proficient I have them do sets (usually holding something) lifting their arms from their hips to their ears (can we see the similarities to clearhips here?).

arms up

Physio Balls are possibly my most used piece of equipment. So many uses!

Physio Balls

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