High Flying – Part #2

Hi All,

I did a post a while ago on tkatchevs. But I have some more videos to share with you. As with anything there are dozens of different ideas as to the technique of the skill. From a much more extreme arch before flight, to almost no arch at all, and training a more “sitting up” technique. That being said, use what works for you an your kids.

This first video I mentioned in the last post, but I couldn’t find it. It’s one of my absolute favorite drills. I think it does a whole bunch of things. Helps kids focus on shapes (by taking out the straddle), combats fear, etc.

This is actually kind of a new one I found. It’s obviously a very similar concept to a lot of the ones I’ve shown. But I think I really like it. Just because of a) where it is (tramp = fun) b) the low impact of it

How do you teach tkatchevs?

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