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Today I’m going to talk a little about jumping a leaping. This is something that gets continuously worked on, no matter what the gymnasts level. So today I thought I would share videos on both ends of the spectrum.

leap and jump drills for compulsories and optionals

This first video was put up by Al Fong. It’s a great little drill for little ones. Often times the get in the habit of not actually going UP when leaping on beam because they are too fearful. This is a great drill to take that fear away. They’ll build up the muscle memory and hopefully develop good habits of their split leaps actually going UP.

This second video is geared toward your optional kids, and connecting their jumps to flipping skills on both beam and floor. It’s a great drill from Tammy Biggs. Mind you, you don’t even need to start with the rolls. You can just start with split jumps in a row from a squat position, that will make a dramatic difference. But once your kids can do those well start adding the forward and backward rolls. It will do wonders for your acro/dance connections.

Train hard!

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