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Fun Friday #19

Hi All! I have some fun videos for this Fun Friday. I hope you enjoy them. This first one is just AWESOME. If I am […]

Fun Friday #20

Hi All, Can you believe we are at the 20th Fun Friday already?! Holy cow! Alrighty, here we go with this weeks videos. The first […]

Fun Friday #21

Hi All! YIPPPEEE, Fun Friday again! Here is this weeks video. This is another little one I’m loving to watch right now. I’m loving the variation […]

Fun Friday #22

Hi All, YAY, Fun Friday! Love these days so much! Alright this first one is actually a routine I used to watch a lot. It’s […]

Fun Friday #23

Hi All! I love Fridays! So much fun sharing videos Okay, this combination is just awesome. I love seeing super young gymnasts working a variety […]

My Bad (Fun Friday #24, a little late)

Hi All, So this week kind of got away from me (read: was so busy I forgot what day it was yesterday). Sooooooo, here we […]

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