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Cartwheel drills from Gymneo TV

Hi All, Just one video today. But it’s a great one from Gymneo TV. You may remember some of the stuff they’ve put out in […]

Casting drills for fear and conditioning

Hi All, Today I’m giving you a few more cast handstand drills. One of the things I always try to emphasize especially when I do […]

Quick Tip: Things to add to your warm-up

Hi All, I wanted to talk a little bit about warm-ups today. I do warm-ups a little bit different than some people. I know a […]

Fun Friday #78

Hi All, I hope you have been having a wonderful week. I’m taking a quick (4 day) and much needed vacation. It’s always nice to […]

Download: 90 Day Plan – Worksheet

The last two days I’ve been sending the VIP List my thoughts about team planning. To distill it down, what I’ve been saying is – if […]

More ways to work handstands

Hi All, I wanted to share some ways of working handstands that you may not be doing right now. I see a lot of people […]

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