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Ultimate Guide to Coaching Bars – Available Now

Hi All, I am very proud to announce that Swing Big’s first print book is here. The Ultimate Guide to Coaching Bars provides 71 illustrated […]

Even more side stations for bars

Hi All, Today I’m going to share a couple more side stations for bars. These stations require minimal set-up and you get a lot of […]

Fun Friday #56 – Bars

Hi All, I hope this week has been a good one. Season is over for most (and wrapping up for the rest). Where ever you […]

A few thoughts on circles on bars

Hi All, Today I wanted to share a couple really nice videos pertaining to circles on bars. Two of the major things that circles need […]

Summer Bars Side Stations

Hi All, Today I thought I would share a couple more side stations (primarily conditioning), that you can be using on bars during the summer. […]

Ultimate Bars Conditioning

Hi All, Alright, the title may be a little overstated, but this stuff is HARD. A lot of people end up asking me “how can […]

Want to see my National Congress lecture on Bars Shaping from Pre-Team Up?

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The full 45 minute lecture of Bars Shaping from Pre-Team Up is now available for download, along with the full powerpoint and all of the videos!

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