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Fun Friday #71

Hi All, It’s the end of a long week. Between P&G Championships going on, flying back to New Orleans and prepping for upcoming clinics in […]

Circling drills you should be doing

Hi All, Today I wanted to share a couple bars circling drills I think you should be doing. I’m a big fan of introducing lots […]

More things to do with therabands

Hi All, It I had nothing else in the gym besides therabands and physio balls (equipment not included) I would probably be pretty happy. Okay, […]

Swing Big Youtube: Rewind

Hi All – Today I wanted to do a little rewind of some of the quick tip videos that I have done of late, as […]

Quick Tip – Sample Conditioning Circuit

Hi All, Today I wanted to share a sample conditioning circuit that you can do with your little ones. With circuits like this, especially when […]

Rehab and Prehab – what to focus on with Dr. Dave Tilley

I’m incredibly excited to start a new series on keeping gymnasts healthy with Dr. Dave Tilley. Dr. Dave is a huge asset to the gymnastics […]

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