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Fun Friday #51

Hi All, Another week, another Fun Friday! We are quickly approaching the end of season and as we do that I start looking what people […]

Drills For Blind Changes

Hi All, Today a few quick drills for blind changes. I find that with the number of repetitions that are required to truly get beautiful […]

Preschool classes: A peak inside

Hi All, Today I’m going to share some videos that are a peak inside how Gymnastics World does preschool classes. I’m always looking at how […]

Ten-o Grip Review: 501 Blues

Hi All, Today I’m going to talk about a little adventure I went on this weekend. Ten-o.com sent me a couple pairs of their 501 […]

More thoughts on kips

Hi All, I decided to another post on kips today. Because kips are so foundational, and such a common sturggle, you can never have enough […]

Quick Tip: Developing Glides

Hi All, Today I thought I would talk a little about glides. This is a drill that I particularly like, and is an advanced form […]

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