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Are you doing enough flex?

Hi All, Quick post today as I am at the Houston National Invitational and having a fantastic time. I will do a post about it […]

Using foam (and other props) for drills

Hi All, Today I’m going to share a couple videos of things you can do with foam and other props. When I’m coaching I use […]

Quick Tip: Reverse Grip

Hi All, Today I thought I would share a little tip for something that I think needs to be worked on bars a lot more […]

Tumbling Side Stations and Drills

Hi All, So I really enjoyed doing the post yesterday on bars side stations and I thought I would do a similar one today with […]

Quick Tip: Pirouetting On Top of The Bar

Hi All, Today’s quick tip is going to be on pirouettes. This is one of my favorite pirouetting drills. Because it actually combines two drills. […]

Front Giants: starting from the beginning

Hi All, So I’ve found that front giants are sometimes a little perplexing to people. And there are a couple different schools of thought for […]

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