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2 Ways to Teach Cast Handstands

Hi All, Today I’m going to talk just briefly about cast handstands. People have a lot of different theories about how to teach them, how […]

You don’t always have to be on a bar

Hi All, Today I’m going to share a couple ideas of working on bars skills when you aren’t actually on the bar. With only so […]

Specific conditioning for gymnasts

Hi All, Today I’m going to talk a little bit about specific conditioning. That is, conditioning for certain skills or certain types of skills. My […]

Fun Friday #37

Hi All, So happy to be writing this Fun Friday from Region 2! It’s so good to be home. A very happy Fun Friday, indeed. […]

Quick Tip: Static stalder hold

Hi All, So I did this post a little bit ago about how it’s necessary to teach our athletes how to maintain their shapes while […]

I don’t know what to do

Hi All, So I know in lower level rec classes a lot of coaches struggle with finding enough things to do (and enough things that […]

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