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They are ever so useful

Hi All, Today I’m just going to share one quick thing (well, demonstrated in three quick videos. One of my favorite drills/conditioning exercises are pike […]

Holy compulsory bar routines Batman!

Hi All, Alright, not so many drills today. I just wanted to share a couple really nice NEW compulsory bar routines. New routines are fun, […]

It’s a whole second vault!

Hi All, So vault is sometimes harder to train than the other events, in one way specifically. And that’s because the number of vaults in […]

Onto and off of

Hi All, So today’s is a quick post about jumps. There are a few things that I use most commonly when teach jumps 1. panel […]

Eddie Umphrey Interview Part #2

I am again, VERY honored to have Eddie Umphrey on the blog today. This is the second part of the interview I posted last week. […]

Hate it or love it

Hi All, So I’m going to do a post about compulsory bars today. I kind of have a love-hate relationship with them. I think it […]

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