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Hi All, Alright so a lot of you are starting your compulsory season (or are going to soon). So I thought it would be a […]

Guest Post – Mike Durante — 60 turns in 60 minutes!!

About Mike: Mike has over twenty-one years of experience coaching women’s artistic gymnastics levels 4-Elite.  Mike has a great passion for and knowledge of gymnastics […]

You can’t do it too much

Hi All! So today I’m going to talk a little about handstands, specifically on bars. Basically my philosophy is, you can’t be in handstands/doing handstands […]

Spend your time HERE

Hi All, Today I want to talk a little bit about conditioning and shaping on bars. Predominantly THIS is where you should be spending your […]

They sometimes get neglected

Hi All, Today I’m going to share a few quick videos for circling elements on bars. I did a post a little while ago on […]

Forwards and Backwards?

Hi All! Alright today is a circling on bars post. But two very different elements. Front hip circles and clear-hips. These are two very different […]

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