They don’t start out complex

Hi All,

Today I’m going to talk a little about upper level leaps. Meaning your tour jetes, switch 1/2s and 1/1s, switch rings etc. These leaps really if they are broken down correctly don’t start out that complex. This isn’t to say that you should be doing these drills with your rec kids, but there is no reason not to do them (well a few of them) with your level 3s and 4s if their body positions are correct.

This first video is a fantastic set of progressions for tour jetes. Really, really break this skill down for your kids. Especially if you want them to tour jete 1/2 down the line. And you don’t have to teach all of these progressions at once. Start them when your kids are compulsories and you’ll end up with a much better result.

This second video is of drills for the switch leap 1/2s and 1/1s. There is really no reason that once kids have good kicks and body posture they can’t all be doing the first drill.

Train hard!

Photo Credit: Heather Maynez

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