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Fun Friday #28
October 18, 2013
How do you teach it?
October 20, 2013

Hi All,

Today I’m just going to share one quick thing (well, demonstrated in three quick videos. One of my favorite drills/conditioning exercises are pike press handstands. They’re great as a tool for cast handstands, regular presses, strength etc. Also if you kids can’t press by themselves yet, but presses against a wall are too easy, pike presses against a wall may be a good compromise. So here are three quick videos to demonstrate.

This first one is a normal pike press handstand from the floor, again, against a wall is great too if your gymnasts aren’t strong enough.

This second one is great for a couple things 1) cast handstands 2) having kids do them on parallettes will save their wrist 3) it’s a great bars side station.

For my PDF on Cast Handstands Click Here — Cast Handstand Conditioning and Drills

This third one is a much hard variation of the second. Starting them on beam is generally a good idea, you might have a little more success. Oh, and if you’re looking for a cool beam mount and you have a kid that can do this…Voila.

Train hard!

// Parellettes //

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