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October 21, 2013
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October 23, 2013

Hi All,

So I’m sure many people would argue with me about this, but I would say your warm-up is the most important part of your workout. It’s truly a toss-up between this and your conditioning program in my mind (though generally my warm-ups involve some of this too) but your warm-up is NOT something to be overlooked. Like I’ve said before the warm-ups I use are constantly in a state of evolution, but I have certain ways I like to do things that have developed over the years. But I am always looking for new ways to do things. I LOVE watching other peoples warm-ups (it’s a super bad habit of mine at meets. I get a little entranced).

This first warm-up is a really nice choreographed warm-up. Ever have a problem with kids talking too much? Choreograph a warm-up for them. They do a lot of the staple stuff but with variations to them. For instance I generally HATE kicks on the floor. Honestly I don’t know why, I dislike watching them, I dislike doing them, and I will do SO MUCH to get around having kids do them (call me crazy). But I honestly don’t mind the bent leg kicks in this video for some reason (I know, I know, it’s irrational).

This second video is of the National Team Warm-Up. I think it’s a really solid place to start. Of course gyms need to add things to their warm-ups based on their gymnasts individual needs, but for a stock something to implement? It’s pretty darn good.

Train hard!

Photo Credit: Scott Hults

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