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Hi All,

So today I’m going to talk a little about everyday life in the gym. I know, I know, I usually post videos of drills. But I thought that some of you might find this helpful and/or interesting.

This first video I’m posting was posted by Al Fong about wrist wrapping/taping. Showing how to keep your gymnasts happy and comfortable while they are swinging.

This second video is a nicely put together video by Jason Mortimer about making a strap bar. If you’re gym has the space and ability to have one and doesn’t, I would highly recommend considering it.

And finally this third video shows how to properly put on straps. I put it in for two reasons. One because it fits in with the overall theme of this post. But two, because it shows how gloves can be used on strap bar instead of PVC pipe. I’ve heard a lot of different opinions as to what people like, and it really varies coach to coach, gym to gym. But it’s another option.

Train hard!

Scott and Emer Hults Photography

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