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It makes it so much easier

Hi All!

So I’m not actually going to post any drills today. I’m just going to talk a little bit about dance. The most common sentiment I’ve heard about the new compulsory routines is “they’re really dancey.” And honestly I really like that (granted, I wont have to teach them this year). But basically what I would say is that dance training benefits your gymnasts in any number of ways. One of them being that it makes it SO MUCH EASIER to teach them these routines. I’ve talked about this before so I won’t go into too much detail. But I’d say, make sure it’s a part of your program. And maybe more than a one hour rotation ones a week thing. Try to work it in to your warm-ups, your beam complexes etc. The time you take with your dance training and especially your little ones will last them all the way through their careers. You’ll be happy you did it.

also, here are some of the new routines if anyone hasn’t seen them, or wants to share them with kids/parents.

A Mixed Bag

Hi All,

So I was thinking about it last night, and trying to come up with a skill for today’s post and really I just wasn’t feeling inspired. So I decided I would just post a couple bars videos that I like. Ones a drill, ones a routine. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this post as much as the ones I do that have a specific skill in mind.

This first video is of Tom Forster doing a drill that I REALLY like. There are a whole bunch of ways that it can be set-up including those that don’t need to be spotted. But my recommendation is spot at first, and correct shapes as much as you can. You can hear/see him correcting her head position on the video (which effects a whole bunch of different things), so it’s a really good idea to start these progressions being really conscious of shapes.

This second is a level 4 bar routine (old). It’s pretty awesome. If you’ve read this blog much you’ll know I LOVE good compulsory gymnastics. And this routine is just splendid to watch.

Have you found any fun videos this week?

How do we get there?

Hi All,

One of the things I find most troubling is when I see gyms that have highly successful compulsory programs, but when their children become optionals their gym can’t sustain the same kind of results. My interpretation of this is that often they are trying to teach kids too much too fast, or to put it another way, upper level skills and techniques weren’t introduced early enough and in good ways. I’m a big fan of letting younger children work upper level skills and progressions in safe and technically correct ways. The longer children have to figure a skill out, the less time we as coaches and they as gymnasts have to spend panicking thinking “I need to get this in x time frame to put in my routine.”

Twisting progressions

This first video is from Colorado Aerials of their level 5s and 6s. I’m a big fan of starting series work as soon as children can back walkover/back handspring well on the floor. Even if it’s working on a line, teaching kids how to transition between skills well early makes a huge difference down the line.

By the way here are the same beam extenders, they are amazing.

This second video is of one of my favorite front layout drills. It’s also a great one to use at the lower levels. As soon as your kids have the good concept of body tension, and the shape in a layout it’s a great one to let them play with.

Train hard!

Munchkin Power!

Hi Guys!

I may be on a little bit of a munchkin kick right now. Watching little ones doing great gymnastics always makes me hopeful for the future.

Jordan Chiles is a great little elite coming out of Region II. She was quick to rise and hopefully she will stay healthy. She is a little dynamo and a pleasure to watch though.

This next video is of the level 4 floor routine. I know, I know, a lot of us are sick to death of the routine. But this is how compulsories are supposed to look. Coaching compulsories to this caliber is very difficult. Take a peak, it’s great!

Train hard!