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Building muscle memory when they don’t even know it

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So I’m one of those people that puts A LOT of thought into what goes into my warm-ups and or complexes. Mostly because it’s one of those things kids do EVERYDAY, if you build something into your warm-up well, and it’s executed well, you can build a great deal of muscle memory for skills without kids even knowing it. Here are a couple thoughts.

Teaching handstands

The panel mats come out every day in my warm-up for oversplits. And I know that varies from gym to gym to gym, but it’s one of the constants with any group of team kids I’m will. That being said, there are a lot of things you can do with panel mats. So while we have them out, I usually will have them do some drills like this. 1) you already have the mats set up 2) do 4 or so every day, and the muscle memory builds up fast.

This second one is one that would be easy enough to build into an on the floor section of stretching without too much difficulty. Granted it would be easiest without the theraband (though something is lost there), but it’s still good muscle memory/conditioning to totally simple to build into a warm-up.

By the way if you are looking for therabands for your kids (they will add SO MUCH to your practice), look no further.

Train hard!

Complexities in Complexes

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So today I’m going to talk a little bit about complexes. I’m one of those people that uses complexes on pretty much every event most days. Beyond that, I usually have a short version and a long version of the complex depending on what I want the assignment to be and what I think needs to get done that day. Alright, so with that lets get to some videos.

This first video is part of a beam complex by Mary Lee Tracy. I always like to know what other coaches are doing, and I’m pretty constantly adding and removing this from a complex depending on whether I like them/feel they are effective or not.

// Therabands //

This second video is of a stalder/toe shoot pirouetting complex on bars. Great for endurance, and not finishing pirouettes late. You can make complexes out of literally anything.

What do you put in your everyday complexes?

These bands can be found HERE

Superior Shapes

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So today I’m going to do a little post on bars. Namely, strength in body shapes on bars. A kid being able to put themselves in a hollow, or a straight shape is one thing. Maintaining that shape when swinging, being upside down, flipping etc takes a lot more strength than I think some coaches realize. I cannot emphasize enough the need for strength and body control on bars (in the right ways of course). So, here are some videos in that vein.

This first video is just a quick series of drills that can be done in a complex/part of warm-up on bars, as side stations, or for conditioning. This is a really great video to emphasize my basic philosophy that you’re conditioning and prep work need to be done with as much fine detail as your actual “skills.” This is a video that Marcus Harlin posted, and here is a video of one of his kids working bars (note, his kids always look amazing). Put in the work on the front end, it pays off.

This second video is just another drill that can be used for giants (also layouts and a bunch of other things). This one is demonstrated on tumble track, but kids can also grab onto stall bars or a bunch of other things. Again, please note the attention to details.

Tramp Bar // Floor Bars // Octagons

What are your favorite drills for body shapes on bars?

Tramp Bar // Floor Bars // Octagons

Practice, practice, practice!

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So today’s post is going to focus on PRACTICE. Because lets face it, trying to fix gymnastics in a meet just doesn’t work. Investing time everyday in the gym to reinforce strength, flexibility and correct body shapes is the only way to produce good gymnasts.

Fix problems in practice not in meets

This first video is a drill I LOVE using. Big thanks to coach Mary Lee Tracy for putting it up. I tend to introduce is once gymnasts have a good working knowledge of a round-off and the late snap together. My personal preference is to have kids end with their arms in front middle. They seem to have more body control that way. What are your favorite roundoff drills?

Building up strength and stamina for gymnasts on bars is incredibly difficult. This complex shared by coach Mike Durante is incredibly hard, but I think it emphasizes the fact that gymnasts need to be able to stay on the bars and continue swinging for a long period of time. What do you do to build stamina on bars?

Train hard!