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Trying new things

Hi All,

Today’s post is about trying new things. My personal belief is the more we expose our gymnasts to the easier it is to teach them new skills. This means starting things early, and it means building in time to your workout to try new things, things that you think maybe wont go into their routines THIS season. And this means on everything. It means trying new jumps on beam, teaching whips or other things in combination on floor etc.

This first video is another good one from Mike Durante. Combination work on tumble track is GREAT. It’s a perfect place to start. Low impact, good fun. Challenge your kids to connect different things, to come up with fun combinations. The awareness will make them better tumblers, and they might be good at some skills you hadn’t thought they would be.

This second video is of combination tumbling using Tumbl Trak’s Air Floor. Which, by the way, is a FANTASTIC product. I absolutely love it. But that’s beside the point. It’s another great place to have your kids play around. Especially going into a pit (if you have access to one). Have them try new things, whips or multiple fronts in a row. Who knows, you might come up with some new passes for the season.

Train hard!

Tumble Time

Hi All,

So this has been an awfully weird week. I’m actually having dreams about tumbling, both about me tumbling, and children have have coached tumbling (just to make things double odd). So I thought I might as well do a post on it since it is so clearly weighing on my mind.

This first video is a compilation of front handspring drills. It’s lovely, and I’m having tons of new ideas as to setting up floor circuits! Oh, and I’ve never see the front headspring drill done to that landing, AWESOME.

This second video is just of some level 6’s (old), playing around with some combination tumbling. Up training is SO MUCH FUN. What are things you like to have your kids experiment with?