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We can never forget

Hi All,

Today I’m going to share a few videos that might be helpful with your rec classes. It’s easy for coaches (especially those who just work with team) to forget about the rec kids. To forget that so much has been done with these kids possibly before we even see them. Even if you are strictly a team coach it’s always a good idea to communicate with your rec staff. To explain to them what you would like kids to know by the time they get to you, to see what ideas they have, to exchange information. Good communication between rec and team staff is imperative in building an effective program.

This first video has some very nice stations for teach backward rolls. I especially like the first one, and the one with two panel mats is a GREAT one. Oh, and the colored floor beams at the beginning of the video, I use them EVERY DAY when coaching, they’re amazing.

This second video is a nice little circuit set-up. Circuits are a great way to keep kids active, engaged, and to incorporate conditioning and drills that don’t seem monotonous to kids. Note, these circuits can contain ALMOST ANYTHING.

Train hard!

Keeping with the trend

Hi All,

So it seems that more than anything in the world this week I want to be back coaching. I have changed every one of my lists (warm-up, conditioning, flex, beam complex, floor complex) several times in the last week. So many ideas floating around, no kids to try them on. So since I did warm-up videos yesterday, I thought I’d share another set of conditioning videos today.

This first video mostly got me thinking of set-up. As you guys may have seen from reading here I’m a HUGE circuit fan. But I’ve seen and also used this set-up before. Might be something to come back to, hmmmmm. So many thoughts.

This second video is of kids practicing their physical abilities conditioning, so nothing too novel in terms of what they’re doing. But GAHHH, look at those shapes! Beautiful! Something we should all be striving for.

What does your conditioning list look like?

It Was Over Before the Start

Hi All,

So, I have this thought a lot. Especially at meets. And the thought is “it was over before you even started.” Let me explain, this thought isn’t isolated to one event. I often feel that an athlete hasn’t been physically or technically prepared to preform a skill that they are doing. But more commonly than not, I have this thought while watching yurchenko vaults. These vaults take time, patience, and precision. I think a lot of coaches rush through this process, and the result is…more than a little scary.

So to that effect, here are some videos that might interest you. This first one is another wonderful video by Justin Laury. I am incredibly impressed with his kid’s technique and shapes, and all of these drills are GREAT preparation for yurchenkos. If you put in the time and the preparation BEFORE your kids start going over the vault, you end up with a lot less problems. Less short landings, less scary mishaps, and more confident gymnasts.

This second video is another set of drills by Mary Lee Tracy. It’s a great little circuit and the whole thing can be done without kids ever even touching a springboard. Yurchenkos are a skill that take a long time, and being detail oriented. It’s often hard to get in all the drills we need during a vault rotation. These are some great side stations that can done any time during your workout.

If you would like to find more drills like these click here for my ebook on beginning yurchenko progressions – Beginning Yurchenko Progressions


Octagons // Mailbox // Pac Man (Handspring Trainer) // Therabands

How do you think kids are best prepared to do yurchenkos?

Yurchenko vaults

Photo Credit: Team Photo