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Failing to prepare is preparing to fail — Part 2

Hi All,

This is the second in my little mini conditioning series. I’ve been dying to post this first video, because I just think it’s so awesome, so I’m really excited that today is the day.

This first video was posted by James Thompson from Cascade Elite Gymnastics. First, it’s just an awesome idea, choreographing conditioning to music that kids enjoy, that motivates them etc. Second, it’s REALLY well choreographed.

This second video is in the same vein of choreographed conditioning. I must say this one is excellent as well. I seriously find these videos so awesome!

If you are looking for conditioning tools:

Physio Balls // Therabands // Sliders
Ankle weights // Floor bars
Do you have any choreographed conditioning like this?
arch holds

Fun Friday #3

Hi All!

I just LOVE Fun Fridays! It the time of the week I get to share all the new cool/fun videos I’ve found that don’t really fit in any other category.

This first video is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite floor routines. I wish I could have found a version of it with less commentary, but neverless it’s worth watching. The choreography is just great!

For the second video: I know I don’t post a lot of elite stuff on here. But this is TOO MUCH FUN to watch. Seriously. I watched this routine like four times in a row when I first saw it. Tell me what you think!

What are your favorite videos? Feel free to post links!

Fun Friday – #2

Hi All!

It’s time for another Fun Friday! These are days where I most likely won’t be sharing drills (though a lot of them ARE fun), but will more likely just be showing either routines I personally really enjoy, or just crazy cool gymnastics.

This first video is of a Level 7 bar routine. I have to say, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing stalders in level 7. Especially if the kids have lines like this girl. It’s another viable route besides that dreaded clear-hip.

This second video is of Kristina Baskett while she was at Utah. I adore this floor routine. The choreography is great, and she has always had amazing presentation.

What are your favorite routines to watch?

Presentation and Shaping!

Hi All!

Today’s videos are a bit of a random mash-up. I couldn’t really come up with a theme to connect them but they are both very much worth watching. Take a peak!

I often feel that what I see in gymnasts choreography on beam and floor leaves a lot to be desired. There is often a lack of expression, and an overall lack of consideration for the gymnasts presentation while dancing. It’s incredibly nice to see a little one with both. I’m always super impressed with coaches who place a premium on it. Check it out!

I’m always looking for new bars drills. Teaching correct shapes on bars is difficult and side stations like this one can be incredibly helpful. It will probably take some shape correction and hands on fixing at first, it’s great for fixing gymnastics. I have to say though floor bar drills are some of the best drills for fixing gymnasts shapes on bars.

// Floor Bars //

Train hard!


Photo Credit: Erin Costa